LUSOMELT – Fornecedor de Bens e Serviços, Lda has been operating in Portugal since 1981 in the field of international trade and, more specifically, in the import-export of a wide range of industrial goods and services: raw materials; additives, consumables and reagents; machinery and equipment with their associated production technologies.

Our primary focus is on the industries operating around the clock, namely steel mills and metallurgical plants; fertilizers, cement and glass plants, cellulose and paper paste plants.

Lusomelt has a regular supplier of raw materials for steel structures, metalworking and machining – ferrous and non ferrous.

Over the years, Lusomelt has installed in Portugal innovative environmental solutions for problems related to water treatment and air dedusting systems.

In the field of infrastructures, Lusomelt fulfills the requests from engineering offices, from contractors and job owners – either at designing or tendering or construction stages – providing solutions and equipment for ports and berthing piers, as well as railway lines fixed material and rolling stock materials, either for urban or for national rail network.

The company has a Financial and Administrative Management, dealing with the duties of its specialty and framing the activity of external relations with our Business Partners within the scope of the Commercial Agreement in force. The technical-commercial prospecting and sales activity is developed based on different Departments, structured as Business Units, managing a portfolio of homologous relations direct to specific insdustrial sectors, supported by skilled staff members and respective Back-Office.

LUSOMELT is associated with the following Chambers of Commerce:


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